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Therapists-Resource-by-Payer-Source  2021 is a quick reference summary of payers and their specific expectations such as visit time restrictions, what you should focus on, documentation, communication, equipment and authorizations.


2021 PayDay Calendar  and Employee-Time-Sheet-BLANK Nov 2021 Calendar shows when you need to get your notes in and when to expect a check.  If you are sending notes monthly, you need to get them in by the day notes are due on the calendar after the end of the month.   


2020 Paperwork Templates / Forms

In 2019 Medicare reduced the documentation burden, so our forms are simpler.  Change, delete or add headings as needed.  

You can open the documents below, save them on your computer with your client’s name, type right onto them, then email them back to us and who ever else needs the communication.  Or fax or mail.  (Be careful to download and save the document first.  Check to be sure your typing is being saved).

USE the “header” that is in gray at the top of the page.  Double click in the header so you can fill in name, date etc, so this data shows on every page.  Then double click lower in the document to start writing your note. 

When you email , do not put names in the subject line.  If you are sending a visit note, put VISIT NOTE in subject line.  We recommend a secure email.

OT:  all payers except hospice and SNF which are below.  

PT:   all payers except hospice and SNF which are below.  

ST:  all payers except hospice and SNF which are below.  

Hospice:  All Disciplines

(This eval is a template, so adapt it as needed, by changing or eliminating headings.  You may also use the Progress Note form or Letter Head under GENERAL ITEMS, below.  Some Hospices request their own form be used. )

SNF Part B programs