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The SCOPE and BREADTH of our services

How we INDIVIDUALIZE your service

We have solutions for many types of needs. Our service finds you just the right therapist for you. And each of you needs something different!
This list shows the scope and breadth of our services:
(More in-depth information is available by clicking on some of the items below, or by going to the Articles and Explanations and Resources parts of this website. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions. (408) 358-0201)

How much therapy do you need?

  • Education, therapy and encouragement for short term, illnesses or injuries or
  • Intense rehab or
  • Problem solving for comfort, safety, and satisfaction for long term, chronic, complex issues (with therapy for improvement, too)


  • One Time consult
  • On-call
  • On-going
  • A set number of visits
  • Decide as you go

How much written information do you want and who needs it?

  • “Just do the therapy” or
  • “Email my daughter after each visit” or
  • “Leave written instructions for the caregiver” or
  • “Send a report to my doctor” or
  • “Can we do a four way conversation with my siblings?”

Who do we help?

Where do we provide help?

  • In your home, Assisted Living, SNF, In the community, at work… Wherever you need us

Types of Problems we can address

☐ – Pain
☐ – Balance
☐ – Limited Endurance
☐ – Depression
☐ – Anxiety
☐ – Short term injury
☐ – Long term injury
☐ – Weakness
☐ – Stiffness
☐ – Shortness of Breath
☐ – Limited Vision
☐ – Poor coordination
☐ – Poor memory
☐ – Trouble getting out of bed, out of the chair or off the floor
☐ – Trouble managing any of your daily tasks
☐ – Trouble managing the person you are caring for

Types of Solutions and how we can help

  • Changes are awaiting you for mobility, activities of daily living, safety and organization, dexterity, hope and empowerment and help for caregivers.
  • TIYH_screening_tool lists the areas you may be interested in, check them off on this list and fax it to us at 877-334-0714
  • Techniques we use
    • Assess your skills, strengths, limitations, priorities and support (people and environment).
    • Learn about your interests, goals and habits so we can build on or modify them to get you where you want to go.
    • Instruct you in techniques to overcome your limitations. Develop methods to help you reach your goals
    • Provided suggestions for caregivers, so they have time and energy to be the caring people they are.
    • Help you develop a positive outlook to overcome difficult health problems.
    • Help you move from what you can do toward what you want to do. Sometimes people have the potential for great improvements, sometimes they need to work to stay even, sometimes the course of illness is not within our control but we can help you anticipate and smooth out the bumps in the process.
    • Modify your environment for your independence, security and pleasure.
    • Develop the thoughts, words and confidence so you can speak about your condition and desires to your doctor, friends, family
  • Specialty Areas