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Welcome to Therapy in Your Home!

To the right is a link to the information we need to get started.  Please fill out and sign all forms and send them by email, fax or mail before your first visit. If you are unable to do so we will bring the forms with us on the first visit.

We have the following suggestions for making our visits with you as successful as possible.

Your therapist and scheduling

  • These are your visits, so be sure to talk with your therapist about your concerns and goals, and about a visit schedule that works for you.
  • Arrange how you will contact the therapist on the day of a visit in case you need to cancel. We must still pay the therapist for their travel and charge you at least half the cost of a visit that has not been canceled.
  • Please keep a notebook in your home where your therapist can keep track of visits with you.
  • A visit is 45 minutes to an hour, prorated for time after one hour.
  • Note that some therapists work for Therapy In Your Home and some therapists work for themselves and we share referrals so that everyone gets a therapist.

Your doctor

  • We attain your doctor’s signature acknowledging our involvement and that our medical history is complete. We can send notes at your request.
  • Please send a copy of your prescriptions and all medicines:  over the counter, prescription, supplements, herbal and recreational.  Medication issues are one of the leading causes of medical problems.  The more we and you are aware of the impact of your medications the better health we can attain.  All health care providers are now being encouraged to pay more attention to medications.

Questions and Payments

  • All of us want to hear your suggestions and desires. Also, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns and about financial issues.
  • We encourage you to contact us by telephone and email. Communication leads to better therapy results. Sometimes you can save money if we can work things out without making a visit. Because this communication utilizes our skills just like therapy does, we bill you for our time when it adds up to more than 15 minutes a week.

We think you will be satisfied with our therapists and your therapy. We have many satisfied customers and we think you will be pleased too.