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Please open and fill in the documents under your payer, save them on your computer and email them back to us.  Or print and mail them, or fax them.  We can also mail you the documents or help you complete them.

If Medicare is your payer:  We provide Out-patient therapy IN the home under Medicare part B (BE CAREFUL – Home Health, skilled nurses and therapists, is Medicare Part A – you cannot have both at once.  Home Health, personal care, non-skilled helpers in the home can be simultaneous with our services.  If you have a Home Health Agency, even if only for changing a catheter once a month or other periodic care, you will be responsible for paying for our services privately as it states on the paperwork below.)

If you qualify for Home Health, start there, and come to us once you are discharged.  If you don’t qualify because you aren’t home bound, come to us.  Mobile people who need visits at home are the reason we started this service.

We cover straight Medicare and Medicare PPO.  If you have an HMO, and cannot get services elsewhere, especially because you are not home bound, call the HMO and ask if they will put you in net work with us.  This topic is confusing, and changing.  Call us if you need assistance.

If an insurance is your payer we will bill insurance for you.  We are not IN network with insurance.  The check will go to you, usually, and you will be responsible for paying us the full amount, regardless of their reimbursement.  We will send a bill at the end of the month if you have not sent your payment.

If you are paying privately, we will send a bill at the end of the month with each date of service listed.

Other options also available, (hospice, worker’s comp, special programs):  call us

For your information and to share with others, there are several ways to receive therapy at home, described here: