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Why would you work for Therapy in Your Home?

  • Because you love using your skills as a therapist and want to share it with people who need it
  • You don’t want to work under a model of productivity. (Actually we find that therapist’s productivity is just about the same, but the pressure is off and the pleasure is up)
  • You are OT, PT, ST, PTA, COTA, or aide.
  • You want to learn how to be an independent practitioner, from marketing to billing and the skills in between.  We have billers who for therapists with small volume caseload.  You do not need an EMR.

We contact you if we have a client who needs your specific skills and lives relatively close to where you live or work. You always have the option to decline taking a client. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your clients. So, just take the clients that fit your schedule, specialty and location.

We are not here to provide you a full time or even a part time job. Instead this is your chance to get out from the trend of health care and provide services in a more individualize manner in the client’s own home: where you work with the client, their family and sometimes other therapists and providers collaboratively. And we try our best to help you get reimbursed for the extra time you spend with the client (depending on the payer).

We have ideas to keep paperwork and documentation to a minimum, help you be efficient and client centered in what you write, provide resources and guidance as needed. Our job is to help you love your work and therefore the client benefits.  We are here for problem situations – call us!

We are here for you

– guidance to see just one client and bill for them.  We have a biller who will take small volumes, you don’t need an EMR!  For Medicare part B, insurance, special contracts and private pay.

– Some payers need you to be our employee, such as Hospices

You can focus on being a therapist.

  • We do the marketing
  • We guide you through the billing
  • We have community resources
  • We have assistance for difficult situations – ethics, client/family needs, equipment and techniques, finances….

You are not alone. You have a support team.

We are also not proprietary. If you want to see your own private clients, your success with them is the best advertising you can do for our professions. Just be sure to do a good job and pass on any clients you can’t see to another therapist, maybe us!

We are not competing with other health care providers. We refer clients appropriately to Home Health Agencies, out patient, music therapists, psychologists, personal trainers, etc, for the best service and financial good of the client. We are here to fill the gaps in the health care system, with the special skills of our broad array of therapists and our unique niche and individuality.  Some ways we do fill those gaps are:

  • Out Patient therapy provided in the home, paid by insurance and Medicare Part B.
  • Home Health billing (without OASIS) when we can make arrangement to bill under the client’s home health benefits (i.e., if there is not a home health agency who can do what we do)
  • Private Therapy: 50% of our clients are private, with many repeat customers
  • Contracting with health care systems who appreciate that we will find just the right therapist for their client.
  • Workers comp visits in home
  • Hospice agencies, providing a limited number of visits
  • HMOs for specific services

So please join our team, get your name into our database, especially if you

  • Are client centered
  • Have a specialty that you would like to use more often
  • Live in a remote area so we can find you when a client calls from there
  • Love working in the home