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COVID-19 / Coronavirus

We have practical suggestions from skilled therapists to assist you to function well at home: with a virtual visit by phone or video, or an in-person visit at your home. If you are in one of the following categories, call us.  

  • Are you taking care of someone with COVID 19 and need to know how to care for a dependent person? How to protect your own back, how to set boundaries so you can maintain this new roll well? Do you need home modification advice and resources? Are there equipment needs?
  • Are you WFH (Working from Home)?  Need ergonomic help for your desk? Feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, or wanting to make good use of your time?  Skilled guidance from an OT can help you be comfortable at your desk and stay on track, with personalized, skilled, pro-active assistance.
  • Do you have family out of the area that you wonder how to help or you need to monitor? 
  • Are you dealing with other situations like a chronic health condition, and need to be able to access safe help by phone or video?

Therapy In Your Home’s skilled OTs, PTs and STs are here to help. We follow up to date CDC guidelines and we meet your own standards. Some examples of needs that we may assist with are:

  • How to help a person move up in bed without hurting your back
  • Ways to practice managing your anger or anxiety without taking it out on others.
  • Advice including some good ways to encourage those in need to do more (exercise, move more, turn off the TV) and what to do as that person recovers?
  • How to know when to get someone out of bed or leave them in bed?
  • How to help yourself get to sleep when you are worried

Our rehabilitation team has practical suggestions from years of working in peoples’ homes.  The current situation with Covid-19 poses new problems such as ways to practice good sleep habits, staying more positive, not hurting your back, keeping the environment germ free, getting your kids to listen better….   Again, we do more than suggest concepts.  We individualize the solutions by listening to what will work for you and we stay in touch with you afterward until we know you are satisfied and confident.  Sometimes a single phone call is all you need!  Call us to learn how we can help your individual situation.

Medicare and some insurance pays for virtual visits and visits to your home. Depending on what you need, we will work out the options that work for you.  Call us to see how we can help.