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Order the items you need to help with your home therapy needs.Read more

Mobility Resources

Mobility Resources

Therapy In Your Home has therapists who know the importance of movement, exercise and balance for staying well and able to remain at home.  We also have tips and pictures of items that help mobility.

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Protecting your safety and the safety of other is crucial. If you are worried that a loved one is no longer able to drive safely, Read more

Persanal care

Personal Care Resources

Here are some ideas to help you and your caregivers participate in life’s activities better. Read more


Brain Function and Fitness

Therapy In Your Home focuses on activities that challenge you, as well as activities that comfort and reassure you. Challenging the brain helps it adapt and improve.  You can help your brain help you by taking care of your brain’s health.   Read more



The better the care we give to your caregiver, the better they can take care of you.  And many caregivers find it is easier to take care of someone else than themselves. Read more


Communication Resources

Many people assume their doctor and family understand them. Here are two problems:   We don’t always communicate our needs, and the people who need to listen may not be ready.  Here are ideas to improve that situation.  Read more

Mobility Resources

Resources Related to Specific Disabilities and Issues

This section provides general information for a variety of specific disabilities.  Read more

Hope and empowerment

Hope and Empowerment

Therapy In Your Home wants you to be able to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. We want you to have clear goals for yourself and for us. Read more

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Home Safety and Organization

Your environment can work with you or against you. Therapy in Your Home can offer you skilled and experienced guidance in what YOU may need now and in the future. Read more


Being Sensory Aware

To function at our best we must adapt to what the brain is doing. For instance, if you aren’t visually attending to a task, it is harder to get the brain and body to respond. Utilize an OT to help determine how to help you perform best. Read more


County Resources

The county resources page provides ways to access resources for your region.  Santa Clara County,San Mateo County & Santa Cruz County Read more