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Personal Care

PERSONAL CARE and ADLS   (Activities of Daily Living):    including eating, sleeping and bathing


Driving Resource section of this website has specific ideas for everyone’s safety.

Home Safety and Organization section of this website lists places to find adaptive equipment

This resource page has ideas to help you and your caregivers participate in life’s activities better.

    • How you spend your time is one way to determine if Therapy In Your Home is doing a good job. Occupational Therapy is about how you are occupied. (OT was conceived of after WWI to help injured veterans improve their physical and mental health by finding ways to keep them occupied by adapting tasks).
    • How your caregivers care for you AND care for themselves is another way to determine if we are doing a good job.
    • We can help you both with clarifying priorities, being efficient, doing well ergonomically (easy on your bodies), and finding tools and techniques that make your daily life the way you want it.

Helping People With Dementia

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